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Sickle cell disease Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Sickle cell disease - Research Proposal Example Pain treatment among SCD patients reflects not only the access and availability of health care but also prevailing practices and knowledge about the disease, its prognosis and pathology. This paper will determine the various methods employed in nursing interventions for the treatment, control, and reduction of pain among SCD patients in a Kendall Regional Hospital in-patient section from January 2009 to January 2010. It will also determine the immediate effect of employing such methods. By determining these methods and their frequency of use, it will be able to highlight available options for the underserved patients as well as provide an understanding to best practices, knowledge about the control of pain on SCD patients, what, and how or why a certain method is most or least frequently used. -Introduction Sickle cell disease or SCD has been seen as one of the diseases identified with minority groups or those with less access to health care services. ... It is characterized by the failure of the spleen to function optimally even in the first months of birth that usually leads to overwhelming pneumococcal infection, usually at 20% mortality rate for patients under 5 years old (Overturf, 1999). Since access to health care is seen as one of the main problems for SCD patients, it becomes important to identify ways to mitigate its most immediate or important effect on patient which is pain described as chronic, acute or both. Pain management is an important element of care for SCD patients. It is with the related goal to identify pain treatment, control or reduction that this study will proceed. Quality of life is an overarching goal for patients even with those genetic disorders. Pain reduction is usually related to increased patient satisfaction and improved quality of life even in conditions of disease and chronic pain. Chronic pain has been reported by people with SCD even when they now have chances of living a longer life. Use of pai n relieving, controlling and treatment method for patients with SCD is then important for the determination of quality delivery of health care services. Various methods are employed in HMO settings to treat SCD patients in reducing, controlling, and treating pain. These are influenced by the pain assessor, patient access, affordability, availability, knowledge and orientation of administrator, and other factors that may be present during prescription or administration. This research will identify the methods used at Kendall Regional Hospital in-patient section, their frequency of use, what is the most popular method preferred, and determine the immediate effect of employing such methods. -Purpose of the study The purpose of this study is to

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The Interesting Philosophy Research Paper Topics

The Interesting Philosophy Research Paper TopicsOne of the most exciting research topic for college students is one that uses their own findings and brings them to another level. This exciting new perspective on a given issue could be anything from new theories in physics, to new ideas in geology, or even new methods for the treatment of diseases. It is interesting to see the level of intellectual energy that can be channeled into such a project.One very intriguing avenue for interesting philosophy research paper topics is the study of the role of art and culture in making and influencing the human experience. For example, what has been the role of art and culture in religious and spiritual history? Could it be that all of our modern religions are a result of the development of culture and art? Indeed, as I mentioned above, new theories of religion have arisen and philosophical issues relating to this subject have been studied in depth, and new possibilities are being explored.Other areas of exciting ideas and speculation are the status of women in western society. Is it true that women have long been relegated to the lower rungs of society, with little or no educational opportunity? Has society been unfairly harsh in its attitudes toward women, but now that the government is paying attention, these inequities are beginning to be reversed?There are many other interesting philosophy research paper topics that are more philosophical than political. Perhaps the most interesting would be the scientific and technological development that is occurring around us. Can we really expect that our descendants will recognize our accomplishments and appreciate our contribution to the advancement of science?Perhaps the most interesting philosophy research paper topics that I have come across have focused on the psychological process that led to the creation of new species. For example, during the last century humans developed the concept of love and the very idea of incest. A s a result, people are now having children, even though there arenow animals like the hamster that are capable of reproducing at a much faster rate than we are.In many other cases, interesting philosophy research paper topics include the following areas of speculation: How and why do we know what we know? The relation between knowledge and belief is a hot topic, as well as the question of how do we know what we believe? Is it true that we do not really know anything, or is it true that we can actually gain knowledge about almost everything, or are all of our beliefs real?There are many areas of psychology and philosophy that are now being explored, and there are many interesting ideas and theories that are waiting to be put into practice. Some of the areas that have generated great interest are the study of subliminal programming, the nature of consciousness, and of course the areas of human sexuality and the relation between psychology and religion.

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The Point Of An Elon College Application Essay Topic

The Point Of An Elon College Application Essay TopicThe purpose of this article is to discuss how you can use an Elon College application essay topic to create the successful proposal you want to. In this article, I will discuss the five most important points to make with the essay topic.The first main point to make with the topic of your Elon College application essay is to focus on the nature of nurture. An application essay topic on nurture often asks the reader to think about someone they know and to consider how that person was brought up and if they have any ideas about how they may have been brought up.The second main point to make with your essay topic on nurture is to demonstrate your care for your reader. If you use an Elon College application essay topic on nurture to develop a learning experience, you can choose to either make the reader think or you can make them think for themselves. However, don't be afraid to draw a comparison with someone else, as this can have a pow erful impact on the reader. Not only can you make a reader think, but you can also make them think for themselves as well.Finally, the third main point to make with your essay topic on nurture is to provide concrete examples of how the reader can positively change for the better. In other words, don't try to hide the impact you want to make. Have a friend go through the same situation you're describing and tell your reader about how they have been brought up and have been given the opportunity to change for the better. The example is a powerful tool in getting your readers to change for the better.Use the Eloraan College application essay topic on nurture to use examples to drive home your point, but you can also use it to show readers the impact you want to make on the reader. Creating an interesting and informative example can help you to give a compelling argument for your college and make the reader be motivated to take action.The fourth main point to make with the topic of your essay is to be concise. Try to be as concise as possible. The question should be asked in a way that only your reader can understand. Writing a longer, more involved essay on a specific topic may increase the importance of your topic and may be extremely difficult to answer.The Eloraan College application essay topic on nurture can be extremely helpful to you in developing a college experience and as you work on your application essay you should keep the same process in mind. By using the five points described above you can make your student proposal stand out from the rest of the competition.

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What You Can Do About Tagalog Essay Writer Beginning in the Next 5 Minutes

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Diana Hacker Mla Research Paper Can Be Fun for Everyone

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Criminal justice Individual project & Discussion Board Essay

Criminal justice Individual project & Discussion Board - Essay Example hich has the guidelines for the prevention of juvenile delinquency (1), and Juvenile Justice Planning Committee, whose mission is â€Å"to provide resources for youth who are at-risk of becoming delinquent due to individual, school, family, peer or community factors. These resources will also provide services for youth who are delinquent, undisciplined or involved in the juvenile court process from intake through aftercare† (2). The United Nations Guidelines consists of some chapters: Fundamental Principals of the Guidelines, Scope of the Guidelines, General Prevention, Socialization Processes (in turn it consists of the following sections: Family, Education, Community, Mass media), Social Policy, Legislation and Juvenile Justice Administration, and Research, Policy Development and Co-ordination. The purpose of the United Nations programme is to underline the key-point factors of the juvenile delinquency prevention and the main issues to be researched and studied in this topic. The programme underlines that the prevention of juvenile delinquency is one of the main purposes of our society. A child must be in the center of the Guidelines orientation. All the means of community should be attracted to develop the processes of socialization and juvenile delinquency prevention: â€Å"Community-based services and programmes should be developed for the prevention of juvenile delinquency, particularly where no agencies have yet been established. Formal agencies of social control should only be utilized as a means of last resort† (1). The United Nations Guidelines appals to the work with youth and has the description of appropriate means concerning namely juvenile delinquency prevention. But in addition to that, it appals for adults – adult family members, teachers, other community subjects and mass media officials should be reliable for the youth development and their successful adaptation and socialization in our society. The programme links to school and other

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Bronze and the Shang Dynasty :: Chinese China History

Bronze and the Shang Dynasty A societies use of the materials surrounding them is imperative to their success as a prominent civilization. The reign of the Shang dynasty roughly began around c1600- c1050bc, during this time the middle class artisans devoted much of their time to perfecting bronze work for ritualistic purposes as well as military basis; while the Shang kings and nobles held positions of high power and prestige over the common day labourer. The kings were thought as having a special connection with the ancestors of the past and were highly respected. The common Shang dynasty labourer lived a very hard and tedious life, like the common Egyptian, everything was done to please the king. Unfortunately, the Shang kings were very harsh on the people and some even referred to the Shang dynasty as 'the Slave dynasty' because the nobility had so much control over the common day workers, they had no shame in sacrificing other humans for ritualistic practices. As well, the Shang people were also occupied wit h every day tasks such as hunting for food and an early form of farming. Evidence of the Shang peoples everyday life were found at An yang, the Shang capital city, inscribed oracle bones presented a picture of constant bickering with other groups around and even war. Modern day archaeologists have come to the conclusion that the bronze work of the Shang was very well crafted and elite at its time, thousands of Shang bronzes survives today. The influence of bronze on the Shang people's everyday life, weaponry and art established a reputation of leadership among this group of people. The Shang people's everyday life was very religious and trying. The rulers had a great amount of power over the people and controlled much of what they did in their day-to-day chores. The Shang elites and artisans devoted much of their time to perfecting bronze work. The elites "organization was apparent because Shang rulers had to mobilize men and material to mine, transport, and refine the ores, to manufacture and tool the clay models, cores and moulds used in the casting process and to run the foundries." (Buckley 129) The mining of ore used to make bronze was done by the poorer classes and looked after by the noble class. The Shang people were able to organize themselves and get to the resources that they needed. Through study, it is evident that the lower class of the Shang people worked very hard "mining required labourers on hands and knees to drag their heavy ore sleds out through cramped and unventilated tunnels.